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Claire UNIWIGS Topper – Revisited

Uniwigs Toppers

Uniwigs Toppers

We are so glad that tEa Green love our Claire Remy Human Hair Topper and reviewed is again. Thanks for all the Uniwigs Toppers customers, we specially offered 15% OFF for all of them. If you happened to buy a hair topper online, you really should not miss this big chance to save your money.

See how she said about Uniwigs Claire on her Youtube here:

Find the topper by click Claire Remy Human Hair Topper.

2016 New Arrival Hair Toppers



Today I want to talk about hair toppers for lose hair. Uniwigs.com launched 2016 new topper collection all inspired by their dear customer June Penny. Made of remy human hair of high quality, the toppers are super natural and comfortable. The best choice for those with thin hair or hair loss sufferers!



In addition, no matter you want a topper or a lace closure, you can find them all here: http://www.uniwigs.com/116-top-hairpieces

Anyway, have a good day!

How to curl your hair to make it last all day

Today we’re sharing our favourite tips and tricks with you on how to curl your hair to make it last all day!



1. Get Your Curls To Stay: Cool Them Down
One of the most effective tricks on how to get your curls to stay is to let the curl cool down and set before letting it go. Take each fresh curl (still keeping the curl shape) and secure it with a clip or a bobby pin. How does this work? Well, as you wrap your hair around the curling iron, heat is transferred onto the hair strands, which is what makes them change their shape.
Hint: If you don’t have time to wait 10-15 minutes for the curls to set, pin them all to your scalp and use your blow drier to blow cold air on them from a distance. Ever wondered what that ‘cool’ button was there for? ;)

2. Use the right hair products
Help your curls! Apply styling products to your hair, which will help hold the curls in longer. Depending what works with your hair, apply a tiny bit of mousse prior to drying your hair, or simply spray hairspray before and after curling. All this is after applying heat protectant, of course - always remember the heat protectant first!
Hint: Don’t hold the hairspray too close to your hair. You want to spray mist onto it, and wait a few moments for it to dry prior to applying heat.

3. Invest in good hot hair tools
For years, you may think that your hair is ‘stick straight’ and that ‘your curls will fall apart in 20 minutes anyway’. You will think that as long as you use cheap, drugstore brand curlers. Only when you switch to better quality, higher-end tools, will you realize that the problem isn’t in your hair – it’s in the iron! Yes, they may be more expensive, however, they damage your hair less, they heat up better (so you will apply heat for a shorter period of time), and good quality irons will last you a very long time.

4. Use the right barrel size
Barrel size is actually pretty important. It’s easy to think that a bigger barrel is what will give you those sexy Victoria Secret Curls. However, we find that most of the time, a smaller barrel will do the magic. Depending on your hair, of course, try using a 1″ or 1.5″ barrel, and see what difference it can make! Not only will the curls look better, but they will also last longer.

5. Your hair still doesn’t curl?
Well, my beautiful friend, this is a sign that your hair is screaming SOS. Overly damaged hair (including split ends) doesn’t curl well. Period. It’s time to give your hair some love and get a trim!

If you’re doing all of the above things right, but just aren’t sure of the techniques available on how to curl your hair – don’t worry :) It takes some practice.

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The tips for washing cancer wigs

If cancer treatment has put you in a position that now requires you to wear a wig on a daily basis, you are not alone. Wearing a wig during this time can be difficult enough, but worrying about wig upkeep and maintenance can cause extra stress. There is a home cleaning method that will keep your wig clean without requiring a large portion of your time and money. Try this method to keep your wig clean and fresh-looking.

Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

1. Use a wire wig brush to brush the hair of the wig starting at the ends of the hair. Work your way up to the scalp of the wig.

2. Fill a large basin or sink with cool water. Add five to six drops of wig shampoo to the water.

3.Submerge the wig in the water and swish the wig around in the basin or sink. Continue swishing the wig for about a minute. Let the wig soak for about five minutes. Rinse the wig in cool water.

4 .Add six to seven drops of wig conditioner to the water (if desired). Let the wig soak for five minutes.

5 .Dump or drain the water from the basin or sink. Rinse the wig with cool water.

6 .Squeeze the water from the wig until all excess water is removed. Use a clean towel to blot the wig dry.

7 . Place the wig on a wig stand and allow it to dry completely.

8 . Brush the dry wig into style using a wire wig brush.

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How to Use Ponytail Hair Extensions?

A ponytail hair extension can add versatility to your hairstyles. Most “ponys” are attached to your hair with two or more clip-in combs and may include a hidden drawstring for added security. Those made with human hair tend to be more expensive, but allow greater options in styling than those created with synthetic fibers. Both the color and the texture of the ponytail extension should be closely matched to your own hair for the most natural look possible, and a wide variety of lengths are available. Ponytail extensions hair can be invaluable accessories when you are short on time and having trouble convincing your hair to behave. They are also a great way to change your look for a special occasion. Depending on how they are worn, they may look elegant or casual, and can be put in your hair in less than one minute.

ponytail hair extensions

ponytail hair extensions

1. Select a ponytail extension in the length you prefer, making sure that the color and texture closely match your own hair.

2. Comb or brush your hair thoroughly. Gather your hair together with an elastic band. If your hair is mid-length or longer, tuck the ends of your hair into the elastic band, forming either a small loop or a bun

3. Use gel or spray to control wispy “flyaways” or shorter hair around your face or nape that may escape the elastic.

4. Remove the ponytail extension from its packaging and locate the clips inside (and the drawstring, if included). Position the ponytail so that one clip or comb attachment is above, and the other is beneath, the elastic that holds your own hair in place.

5. Gently push the comb attachments into place behind the elastic band that holds your hair. If a drawstring is attached, pull the drawstring until the ponytail extension cinches snugly against your head. Slide the small plastic “grip” on the drawstring down toward your head and tuck the string inside the base of the ponytail where it won’t be seen.

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About extensions hair

Hair extensions can be used to subtly and radically alter the appearance of hair. They can supply additional volume as well as highlights or lowlights to approximate the same look for which one might otherwise visit a professional stylist.

Strand by strand extensions: Small strands of extension hair are attached to individual sections of one’s own hair. They are most commonly held in place by weaving, gluing or heat fusing them into existing hair. This method is most often used to add volume and/or length.

Weft hair extensions
Wefts are several inches of hair attached at the top on a woven track. They are then applied with the same methods as used above, but in larger sections.



Clip in extensions
Like wefts, these extensions are also attached to a common track, but the track is itself attached to a small, comb-like piece of metal or plastic that slides easily into place wherever needed. These are typically the least expensive extensions because they don’t require professional application by gluing or weaving.

Human Hair
Human hair is divided into two categories for use in extensions: Remi and Non-Remi. Remi hair is hair cut from a donor’s head and kept exactly as it was cut, meaning that all cuticles go in the same direction. Non-Remi hair refers to that collected from hairbrushes or the floor after a haircut and reassembled. Remi hair is higher quality and therefore much more expensive. Non-Remi hair will mat and fray after several washes.

Synthetic Hair
Synthetic hair is a fiber manufactured to look like real hair, and is much less expensive than Remi and non-Remi hair. However, in most cases the hair doesn’t behave like real human hair and cannot be dyed or styled with heat, as normal hair and 100 percent human hair pieces can.

Human and synthetic extensions hair require much more delicate handling than one’s own hair, and both should only be washed when they begin to dull or smell unpleasant. They should be washed with mild shampoo, followed by a leave-in conditioner, finger-combed for any tangles, and blotted dry with a towel.

Questions about Removal Lace Wigs



1.How do I remove my lace Hairpiece without damaging it?
Adhesive should be released from the hair side of the lace, with Lace Release or alcohol. Spray or drip it through and wait for the bond to release before lifting the hairpiece away.
2.How do I remove the taped on hairpiece if there is poly at the edge?
Basically peel it off your head slowly, but if it’s strong tape such as blue, spray or drip alcohol or lace release between the skin and the tape to make it more comfortable to remove.
3.I release the lace and all the glue stays on my head.
That’s exactly what you want. Clean the glue off your head afterwards with Adhesive Remover.
4.Should I start to release at the front or the back?
Whichever you prefer.
5.I removed my lace hairpiece and it lost hair.
You must completely release the bond to the glue or tape before you lift the lace up. If you just do this, you won’t pull hairs out.
6.The Adhesive Remover prevents the new tape from sticking to the unit.
Clean off the Adhesive Remover, which is oil based, with Lace Release or alcohol and then neutralize the alcohol with water or shampoo and water. You can’t stick adhesive to Adhesive Remover! The unit has to be dry also.
7.There is hair on the tape.
Release it more carefully prior to removal. You need the hair to stay in the hairpiece.
8.All these products sting my eyes.
These products are clearly labeled with strong advice to avoid eye contact. Don’t take risks with your precious eyes. You absolutely have to keep things out of your eyes. If your eyes sting, you are misusing the products and solutions.
9.What’s the best way to remove the solvent etc. from the base and hair?
Shampoo the unit, roll it in a towel and give it a quick shake.
10.How often should I remove my unit to clean?
Everyone is different, but you may not be the first to notice you have scalp odor. Scalp odor is unacceptable and is probably unhealthy.
11.How do I shampoo with the unit in place?
Avoid very warm or hot water. Wet the hair, apply shampoo and create the beginnings of a lather without vigorously lathering. Run a little more water over the hair to move the lather through your lace or monofilament to the oily scalp below and allow the lather to remain there for a while before rinsing.
Pat or blot dry very gently with a towel. Do not rub your hair with the towel. Do not comb wet hair. Tip: detergents such as shampoo don’t clean, only the lather from detergents can clean. Lather!
12.How else can I remove adhesive residue from under my lace?
Apply fresh, strong tape directly over the residue and press it on firmly using a blunt object such as a brush handle or your thumbnail. Release this new tape from the hair side of the lace and it should come off with most of the residue attached.
13.Is it safe to use a hair dryer to style my hairpieces?
We can become so excited when we have beautiful long hair again that we are tempted to blow dry our hair. Heat is death to synthetic hair, and even human hair replacements are better off without the hair dryer ever coming near. Dry hair by shaking out a piece that you are not wearing, (don’t do this if it’s on, you’ll shake up your brain!) or by rolling it in a towel. If you washed it in place, blot with a towel and your body heat should finish drying it out in no time.
14.It’s hard to brush my hairpiece when it’s wet and hairs seem to come out.
Brushing a wet hairpiece can pull out many hairs. It’ll be dry soon, wait until then, Use a vent brush which looks like spaced out plastic nails with blunt ball ends. Don’t push it into the foundation, just gently comb through the dry hair and then finish by messing up with the fingers.

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Introduction of Cancer wigs

Medical wigs are good for the people who are losing their hair or have lost their hair due to certain reasons. Today for any women, hair is associated with femininity and health, so they choose to maintain that look by wearing wigs. Being today’s woman, you should know that wigs can make all the difference in helping you to look beautiful and also feel better about experiencing hair loss. Currently available medical wigs have adjustable caps, and few of them have spaces to put double-sided tape for a more secure and comfortable fit.

Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

Coping with hair loss is just one of many aspects of cancer treatment that patients used to face. If any women suffering from cancer her hair started falling, and there the role of wigs come in. The hair begins to fall out due to follicles that are weakened because of chemotherapy treatment. As a result cancer women patients to maintain their social status and appearance consider wearing wigs for this reason. But Style and comfort go hand in hand when it comes to finding a suitable wig for medical hair loss. As important to find wigs to look great after wearing so also should able to give softness, comfortability and easiness in wearing. Mostly rich cancer women patients see such factors while wearing stylish, and colorful wigs. Unfortunately due to its high demand wigs are not available in cheaper prices.


Demi Remy Human Hair Topper

Demi Remy Human Hair Topper

Some women may feel burden of purchasing an affordable, high-quality piece due to stress and wastage of time. This is the reason that many organizations offer free wigs for cancer patients. There are many reputable organizations who are indulge in provding free wigs to cancer patients and women who have already gone through it. One such organization is American Cancer Society (ACS) who provides free wigs through their wig banks. Another is CancerCare, which is a national non-profit organization dedicated in providing completely free and professional support services to cancer patients, and anyone affected by the disease, offers wigs at no charge. So if you’re one of these cancer patients can contact them. Wigs fashion is most countable in high society and rich business or professinal women who are infected with this disease. These women can spend any price for maintaing their appearance and status besides looking beautiful for medical wigs.

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How to cut and wear a half wig?

A half wig is designed to work with your own hair to create a seamless and beautiful ‘do. This headpiece sits a few inches back from your hair line, allowing you to blend your hair and the wig’s locks together. Half wigs can be trimmed in much the same way as natural hair. Be sure you’re properly wearing your half wig before cutting it. When you’re finished, you can style the wig with your own hair in almost any way you choose.

Audrey Synthetic Half Wig

Audrey Synthetic Half Wig

 1
Part your hair from ear to ear, following the curve of your face. Make the part about one or two inches away from your natural scalp line. Clip together the hair hanging toward your face. Keep this hair on the front side of the part but move it out of your eyes.
 2
Place the half wig’s front combs into your hair along the back of the parted line. Gather your natural hair and tuck it into the netting of the wig. Slide the half wig’s back combs into the nape of your hair line. Ensure the wig is securely on your head. Reattach the combs closer to the scalp if the wig isn’t staying in place.
 3
Cut the wig hair into the style you desire. Use a pair of sharp styling scissors to snip the locks into the lengths and layers you choose. When collecting strands or brushing the hair, use only a wig brush or wig comb. A regular hair brush can damage the wig.
 4
Undo the clip holding your hair in front of your face. Comb the hair back into the wig hair and blend all the locks together. This will result in a seamless blending of your hair and the wig.
 5
Style your hair and the half wig together. Create curls or waves by putting some wig mousse in your hand and scrunching it into the locks. Create a straight and smooth look by lightly brushing in wig mousse with a wig comb. Remove any static electricity build-up in the wig by spritzing your head with cool water from a spray bottle.

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LAVIVID 2016 Summer Sale

lavivid 2016 summer sale

lavivid 2016 summer sale

This is a big sale for designer wigs in this summer! Although in synthetic material, they all really in high quality and special for white women who suffer for  hair loss. Don’t miss this chance to save your money.


Uniwigs proudly announces that La Vivid Collection by Albeir Awad was launched on January 27, 2016.
This whole new designer wig collection, which includes 7 different hair styles, each with 10 different hair colors, marks the first time for Uniwigs to collaborate with top level designers.

From: Uniwigs.com

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