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Four Ways to Protect Your Human Hair Wig in Summer

If Spring comes, can Summer be far behind? If Summer comes, how to protect your human wig wig? If you keep a human wig wig, you certainly want to maintain it for a longer time. But so many harms our wig will get in summer–over exposure to sun’s harmful rays, sweat, and humidity and of course, spending too much time in a swimming pool. So, here are some protective ways for your reference.

Straight Remy Human Hair Silk Top Glueless Full Lace Wig

Straight Remy Human Hair Silk Top Glueless Full Lace Wig

1.Do little process to your wig.
Summers already dries your wig out and causes damage to them. So make sure you go easy on any chemical wig treatments during this period. Avoid too much coloring to your human wig wig, whether at the spa or at home. If you really want to color your wig or change the color during summer, try and do it a month or two before the sun really hits hard.
2.Use the right conditioner and Shampoo it carefully.
While the sun is drying out your wig, make sure you help restore some moisture and life in it by using a rinse-out conditioner. Get one that suits your wig type and texture. If you are going for a swim, remember to put on a leave-in conditioner on your wig and wear a swimming cap. Too much shampoo can dry up your scalp and wig even more. So please shampoo for proper times and make sure you do this carefully.
3.Try to avoid too much heat.
The sun is already putting too much heat on your wig, so avoid the additional heat as much as you can. Go slow on the blow dryer, and if required, wash your wig half an hour earlier so that they get ample time to air-dry. Avoid using the styling iron and curlers and let them be as natural as they can be.
4.The most important thing–go to sun protection for help!
Best way to screen wig from the scorching sun is wearing a scarf. If scarf is not to your liking then make sure you use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreens. If you have too much work outdoors and are in the sun often, opt for wig products that have a good amount of SPF in them. You may also want to go for a special wig-mask or sun-screen product that is made for your wig. However make sure you wash your wig once you are home.

Try these methods, and keep your wig live longer!

The History of Wigs In Medieval Europe

Wigs in Europe came from ancient Egypt. The vanguard of men who wore Romanesque wigs in the 17th century was the French King Louis XIII. He wore wigs to hide the scar on his head. And then his courtiers began to wear wigs to curry favor with him. His son who inherits his throne also wears wigs because of his scant hair. Then his subjects emulate him one after another. There are more than 45 kinds of wigs in that time, even the people with thick hair would love to follow this fashion. Wigs then become the symbol of the great era of the monarchy.



People in ancient Greek and Roman always think the bald man was punished by God. The Romans even prepare to let the parliament pass the “Baldy Act” to forbid bald men to run for senator, bald slaves can only sell for half price. In order to protect themselves from discrimination, bald men wear wigs to hide this flaw. Wigs got further popularization, in the Roman Empire period, many Europeans, even the emperor wear wigs. The hair of the enemy soldiers and civilians always was given to the palace as trophies.

Some nobles will also cut the hair of slaves to make wigs. Married women must cover their hair as the custom in that time, some poor of them will also sell their hair for money. Some poor peasants also braid their hair and cut them to sell to the wig market when it grows long enough.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As cancer has been a globally spread deadly disease, it’s very important to pay attention to those factors that would cause cancer and reduce the chance of the disease.

Breast Cancer Awearness

Apart from other reasons that you may have noticed from newspapers or internet, we want to talk about the potential element- hair.

As a young girl, loving beauty is her nature. Some girls like to buy various clothes and shoes, while some others like making different styles of their own hair, like coloring their hair to a totally different color or doing a completely different curvature, just to chive a beautiful and attractive hairstyle.

But do you know?

These hair styling methods are harmful to your hair and your health to different extent. Nowadays, hair dyes contain many detrimental chemicals, which may damage cells in your body and disrupt endocrine to females, and then cause cancer including breast cancer.

Here are some hair tips for you to reduce your risk of cancer.

1. Wash your hair in the right ways. Go to the hair solon for co-washing as little time as possible because this causes nothing but damage to your hair due to the processes of washing, rinsing and drying.

wash your hair properly

2. Try to reduce styling your hair like coloring, ironing, straightening or curling. If you really want a different style, you can go to your hairdresser to get a one-time haircut or you can wear wigs or hair extensions with a different style and try a new look.

UniWigs wigs and hair extensions

3. Keep a healthy and regular diet. There are many foods containing nutrition and trace elements will benefit your hair as well as your health such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish. Eat them properly and stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and smoked or barbequed meat.

Read More: http://blog.uniwigs.com/

How to Treat Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that can manifest on the lips, mouth, tongue, gums and the glands that produce saliva. After receiving an oral cancer diagnosis, you have to go through treatments to rid your body of the disease.


Meet with an oncologist to decide on the best course of treatment. Your doctor can go over the risks of any treatments and recommend the method that will work for your case.

Opt to remove the tumor if it is possible. If the tumor has not affected surrounding tissue, then a surgeon can remove it with little risk. If the tissue has been affected, the surgeon may have to remove bone tissue.


Find out about radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Radiation is often used to treat smaller tumors while chemotherapy is used for larger masses. Sometimes one method is used while other times both are used to treat the oral cancer.

Get a prescription for Erbitux. This drug is used to stop the re-growth of cancer cells in the body.

Go through the rehabilitation process. You may need plastic surgery to repair the appearance of your mouth and face. You may also need to work with a speech pathologist if you have trouble speaking after the surgery.

Lace Wigs specifically for African American Women

A lace wig is a kind of wig with lace as the cap and all the hairs are hand-tied individually on the lace cap. In order to make the lace more comfortable, you can choose the lace and hair to match your skin. The wigs should be used with special adhesives or tape to wear, and therefore, the hairline seems to be natural on sight and touch.

Lace wig looks like your own growing hair, and is used on celebrities, musicians and models and everyday life to matches the clothes. Even pop stars like Beycone, Tyra banks, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez are all wearing lace wigs. Nowadays, you can wear beautiful and perfect lace wigs every day as you like.


Be beautiful should also be creative, comfortable and affordable. UniWigs provides you the best human hair lace front wigs. Our beautiful Human Hair Lace Front Wigs are available in range from 8’’ to 24’’, and have hand knotted lace in the front to create more styling option and deeper parting for the user. The human hair lace front wigs will definitely give you a very natural looking and an affordable alternative to our FULL lace wigs.

UniWigs glueless full lace wigs are made with top quality remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable.

100% hand-tied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is seperated, and imitates most sucessfully the natural movement of real hair.

Glueless full lace wigs no tape, glue or other adhesives at all, thus no harm or discomfort will be brought to you. These glueless wigs are hand made with adjustable straps on the back and combs on the side and the front to secure the wig from sliding or rolling back. Due to the full lace cap construction, you can part the hair anywhere you like.

Silk Top Lace Wigs – The silk top consists of a layer of lace, and silk fabric on the top front of the cap. When the hair is knotted, the knots are below the silk concealed between the layers, the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp. There is no other ventilation technique that creates a more flawless appearance than hidden knots on a silk top, you don’t need to bleach the knots, you don’t need to worry about any other techniques to make the knots invisible or less visible.
What Are Knots? Strands of hair are tied to the lace base using a knot. Knots are usually dark large and visible giving an unnatural appearance. Uniwigs bleaches these knots around the perimeter to make the knots appear smaller, lighter and less visible.

Made with high quality human hair, mainly 100% Indian remy hair, UniWigs provides you with a large collection of full lace wigs which lasts long and can be styled many times. These human hair full lace wigs here all have baby hair around the front perimeter of the cap, and are virtually undetectable and can be worn in a variety of styles including a high ponytail or up-do.

Read More: African American wigs are designed especially for African American women. Find human hair wigs, lace front wigs and synthetic wigs from our African American hairstyles collection with the best quality and the best prices!

How to Care for Wigs and Hairpieces

Synthetic hair and human hair each have special needs in order to maintain their optimal look and feel. Wigs, hair extensions & hairpieces made from human hair or synthetic hair endure intense chemical processing during production. Prolonging that supple movement crucial to a natural look is a must! To keep your wearable hair in tip top shape, you must use specially formulated hair care product designed to accommodate whichever fiber you are wearing or working with. There is no need to cleanse daily, but there are other steps necessary before or after each wear. The simple tips and techniques outlined here can make all the difference!

While a regular gentle shampoo might seem like a good idea, you’ll be MUCH better off with a product custom designed to meet the needs of highly processed hair. You’ll protect your investment and keep your hair looking terrific. Unlike most wig care products, BeautiMark is it is free of toxic parabens. The BeautiMark Pure Care line, specially formulated for human hair, contains no color-stripping sulfates.

BeautiMark Comb

Step 1: Detangle

Before you wash, be sure to carefully detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb. Work gradually from the ends.

Step 2: Shampoo

Using cool water and a gentle touch, get the hair wet. But do not soak as this can lead to tangling.

Without scrubbing, distribute a small amount of shampoo evenly throughout the hair. Never use hot water as it can loosen wefts of hair and damage the fiber.
Step 3: Rinse

Let cool water run through the hair, flowing in same direction of the hair to avoid tangling. When shampoo is removed, gently pat and press the hair with a soft towel to remove excess water. Avoid and wringing or twisting.
Step 4: Condition
Distribute conditioner throughout the hair taking care to avoid roots –particularly with monofilament and hand-tied cap constructions as it can increase shedding. Rinse thoroughly with cool water unless you are using a spray-in, leave-in conditioner.
Step 5: Dry

Gently pat and press hair with a soft towel to remove excess water. Do not rub, squeeze, twist or wring hair. Again, always use a wide tooth comb to detangle as brushing (particularly wet hair) increases shedding. Place on a folding stand (or even a can of hairspray) and allow to air dry. To avoid stretching the cap, never place a damp wig on a mannequin or Styrofoam head.


One of the greatest benefits of synthetic wigs is that they require very little maintenance and do not have to be restyled after every wash. With synthetic hair you’ll want to steer clear of intense heat — even a short burst of heat from an oven can cause irreparable fiber damage. If style versatility or daily styling routine is something you enjoy, human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair is the way to go.

As different occasions call for different priorities, many of our clients keep both human hair and synthetic hair in their wardrobe. Having backups means you’ll always have hair that is ready to wear.

Other Resources: http://blog.uniwigs.com/care-tips-for-dry-hair.html

Buy wigs Tips how much do you know

Exquisite beauty that keeps them out of everyday, daily hairstyles will transform will not be so. Sometimes suddenly want to have a cool short hair, but won’t cut into the beautiful shoulder-length hair. Short hair girl, and also a Flash is dying to try long hair fluttering feeling, but unfortunately bedridden for long hair is not long. Fake wigs came into being, and allows you to fully enjoy the “change” of fun. So, when selecting and using fake wigs, should pay attention to what detail?

First, when buying fake wigs, should choose and the color of her hair is similar, so that even the original hair accidentally exposed to, nor notable due to chromatic aberration.

Second, to select a wig to wear elastic fit, otherwise it will cause scalp irritation.

Some wigs from the rough the surface is also very good, feel, the color is pleasing, but once the wash or collection of contact will deform, discolor, which is most prone to problems encountered by ordinary consumers. To want to choose a high quality wig you can recognize the brand or to large shopping malls counters to purchase, watch the wig if you want to have a phone or address of dealers, manufacturers, there are no qualifying standards, there is no washing label, identifies the products are not cheap or counterfeit products, there is no quality assurance.

Shop for wigs common sense: wig material is difficult to judge by ordinary consumers. Good research of synthetic wigs out, are no ordinary fibers can replace quality wigs human hair fiber material used by taking into account the surface, gloss, weight, strength, toughness and elasticity, and protecting against electrostatic discharge. Only selected this wig looks lifelike fashion.

Third, in addition to pick your favorite color and style, you should also carefully check the size and quality of wigs. All sides happy to buy.

Four, temples and forehead areas that needed attention, wigs should be relatively thin, so that makes it relevant with the skin.

Five, be sure to keep fake wigs cleaning, dust and other pollutants in the air are easy to make wigs luster and suppleness are affected, so should be cleaned frequently, especially on sweat, lots of dust in summer.

By six, wearing fake wigs, their hair should be combed decently, and then her hair firmly, and finally clip clamping.

How to choose the material of your hair wig?



A human hair wig is soft and feels smooth and natural when touch. It reflects light naturally and “breathes” better (meaning you’ll perspire less) Most human hair wigs can be worn for up to 8 years, so if you want to wear your wigs every day, a human hair wig is the best choice. Please keep in mind that all human hair wigs need to be styled after every wash, and are more expensive, due to their limited supply.
http://www.uniwigs.com/ offers high quality human hair wigs and hair extensions at an affordable price, which can be styled and dyed just like your own hair.
Human hair can be Remy hair or virgin Remy hair and can be also from Asian, Indian, Brazilian and European donors.



A synthetic hair wig is easy to care for no need to be styled after each washing. They are also less expensive. However, synthetic wigs cannot withstand high temperatures, meaning they cannot be styled with an iron, and also have a shorter lifespan.
uniwigs.com’s high quality synthetic hair wigs are made to last and come in a variety of styles to meet up your needs.


The quality of top grade quality synthetic hair wigs is fabulous, second only to human hair. It can be treated as your own hair, except it can’t be dyed. The lifespan of Top Grade Quality synthetic hair wigs ranges from 1 to 2 years depending on care. uniwigs.com offers Top Grade Quality Swiss Fiber. It feels smooth and easy to comb; almost the same as human hair and suitable for daily wear.


uniwigs.com offers high quality Japanese Kanekalon Fiber. It’s flexible and comfortable. The lifespan of Japanese Kanekalon hair wigs is from 1 to 1.5 years, depending on care. uniwigs.com offers Top Grade Japanese Kanekalon Fiber that feels smooth and easy to comb. It’s suitable for daily wear. Considering the cost-effectiveness and lifespan of these wigs, Kanekalon Fiber wigs could be your best option.

Source: http://www.lacefrontwig.info/how-to-choose-the-material-of-your-hair-wig.html

Donating Gray Hair for Cancer Wigs

Cancer patients often lose their hair during chemotherapy treatment, leading in many cases to a loss of self-identity and self-confidence. Burns, accidents, surgery and an array of illnesses can also lead to hair loss. You can help these patients if you donate your cut hair to an organization that creates wigs for children or adults in need. However, only a few of these organizations accept gray hair.
World of Wigs

The custom wig company World of Wigs accepts donations of gray hair for its Corinne Fund program, which has been in operation since 2008. You can donate your gray hair to the Corinne Fund if your hair is at least 10 inches long, dry and bound in a ponytail.


You can search for a fund that is looking for gray hair donations, or you can set up a targeted gray-hair collection program for a loved one or for yourself, through the Wigfund website. The hair needs to be a minimum of 10 inches long, dry and in a ponytail. It takes at least eight donations to make a single wig.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

If you color your naturally gray hair with vegetable or semi-permanent dye, the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program can accept your hair donations. However, the Pantene program will not accept hair that is more than five percent gray. Donated hair needs to be eight inches long, which is short in comparison to the requirements of most other hair donation groups. It should be dry, free of styling products and tied into a ponytail.

Groups That Do Not Accept Gray Hair

Many hair donation organizations do not accept gray hair because they create wigs exclusively for children, and because gray hair can be brittle and difficult to work with. Locks of Love, Angel Hair for Kids and Wigs for Kids are organizations that focus on making wigs for children and do not accept any gray hair.

Reference: Medical Wigs

Synthetic Lace Wig Questions & Answers written by Wig Experts.

Comparing a Synthetic Lace Wig to a Human Hair Lace Wigs?

A synthetic lace wig is made the same way as a human hair lace wig with the exception of the hair being used during construction. Synthetic hair or synthetic hair fiber has been used for decades and continuous advancements in the engineering of the synthetic hair fiber now allow it to be curled and styled with heat. Our advanced synthetic fiber is heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be washed in warm water and even dried with a blow dryer on low heat. It maintains it style or curl for an extended period of time and the hair does not become dry, brittle or break subjecting it to excessive hair loss or shedding. Synthetic hair has been used in lace wigs for decades but recent advancements make it much more like human hair.

Does a Synthetic Lace Wig offer advantages over a Human Hair Lace Wig?

An advantage of synthetic lace wigs over human hair lace wigs are less hair loss or shedding of the hair. Human hair expands and contracts when it becomes wet. Over the course of time, the very fine single and double knotted human hair can loosen and hair loss will occur. Synthetic hair fiber does not contract and expand as much as human hair and therefore the knots stay tighter with less hair loss or shedding. Regardless of the hair type you choose, synthetic lace wigs offer you the same look and craftsmanship of the human hair full lace wigs at a fraction of the cost.

How Do I apply a Synthetic Lace Wig?

The application process is the same as human hair lace wig. It’s easy and takes only a few minutes with the right lace wig application kits. You must decide what type of application is right for you based upon your lifestyle and preferences. You can secure the lace with a bond for extra security or you can use lace tape or a daily hold. The back of the cap is constructed with a stretchable band which is very secure and comfortable. While the front lace requires tape, glue or a bond for security the back cap does not need any additional support.

What are the disadvantages of Synthetic Lace Wigs when compared to Human Hair Lace Wigs?

The disadvantage of purchasing a synthetic lace wig is not being aware of the type of synthetic fiber the manufacturer actually used. In an effort to keep down costs, some manufacturers use less advanced synthetic hair fiber that may not look or feel natural and is subject to damage by heat.

Another disadvantage of wearing a synthetic lace wig is that you cannot bleach the knots of the hair. The synthetic hair fiber is made from a permanent colored resin that will not fade and cannot be colored. Therefore, you cannot change the color of a synthetic lace wig at any time. Not being able to bleach the knots of a synthetic lace wig may be a small disadvantage since it is rarely noticeable.

I don’t know my head size. Will this Synthetic Lace Wig fit me?

An advantage of purchasing a synthetic lace wig is one cap size fits all adults. The synthetic lace wig is constructed with lace in the front and a stretchable cap in the back. The stretchable cap has an elastic tab in the back of the neck that is adjustable to fit virtually any size head. This allows any customer to purchase a high quality synthetic lace wig without worrying about their head size or the fit.

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